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Anchors Away…


Today was our  maiden voyage on Knota Yachta for this year.  The skies were sunny, the wind was blowing, and moods were light.  All things were aligned for Knota Yachta to be unmoored.  So we boarded her, unmoored her, and motored on our way.

I love this first outing of the season.  It makes me feel hopeful; I know summer is just a few yards away and we are almost at that finish line.  Soon we can unmoor the boat more often, drive away, let go of our worries and cares temporarily, releasing them into the wind.  The sun will warm our faces, water splash up from time to time, and laughter will be shared with good friends and family.  Those boat rides make me feel young, free, and happy.  There is nothing like being outside, on the boat,  enjoying the fresh air and the open water.

Being unmoored, great way to start the summer season!



When words get twisted

Nothing comes out right

No one wins, it’s just another long fight

He says, she says

She tries to convey, he rationalizes away

The anger begins, feelings get hurt

Hearts break, tears well up

Like the aftermath of a real twister

Disaster is all that is left…


Photo courtesy of Wikepedia CC License





These Are My Feelings… Exposed


Raw, piercing, heartbreak

Cold, shivering, sadness

Mind numbing exhaustion

Hope, then disbelief

These are my feelings….exposed

Photo by Nils Werner CC License


Spring Exposed


tulipsFlowers are trying to bloom

Colors just starting to be exposed

After Mother Nature’s long delay

Spring may really be on its way

Rain, rain, rain

That’s all we’ve had

Now I think  what lies ahead

Won’t really won’t be so bad.

Better, So Elusive

Bettersad woman

I keep thinking things will get better 

Yet they  never really do

For a few days, yes

Then I’m crying in the dark, again

Why can’t better stay? 

My heart keeps getting broken

I’m getting too tired to pick up the pieces

How many times can a glass be smashed

And put back together?

Better, sounds nice

Yet so elusive 

Meant just for others, not for me

Photo courtesy of Pexels CCO License





All of Us a Ball of Yarn


Aren’t we all just a ball of yarn?

Some of us colorful, some of us not

Some of us wavy, others pin straight

Wound up tight, or maybe a skein

Some become a masterpiece

Others are works in progress

All have potential

We just need the right handler to guide us

Knit one, pearl 2, that’s what they’ll do

Treating us with care, gentle hands and T.L.C. 

From a ball of yarn

To what we are destined to be


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Universal Comfort



What blanket means to me

Security, warmth, safety, joy

Had one since I was little

Always will

Never to be without

Who doesn’t have one

Should get one

It soothes all worries away

Makes everything better, temporarily at least

Pink, yellow, blue, striped, polka-dot

Blankie, woobie, snuggie, cozie

Whatever the name, result is the same

Blanket, best medicine around

Photo by Mike Bash courtesy of CC License


My Life Starts… Now

GrayKeep on Truckin
  ” Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” my sister said to me.  She is so right.  It is as if I am waking up like Rip Van Winkle, except that I remember the life I lived, and I want the rest of my life to be different.  The old me is coming back, stronger and with more self-confidence.  The gray has lifted,  gone away.  It could return, though with me being courageous, I will fight the gray to keep it at bay. 

   I remember two sayings from when I was young:: “keep on truckin,” and “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”  From now on I plan to do both, truck and roll.  I have the rest of my life ahead of me, a good 20 years at least.  So onward I go, leaving all the gray in my dust.   My life starts…Now!

Picture courtesy of  Mister Bijou CC License

Find Your Avid



Everyone is avid about something.  Find your avid.  I am an avid reader.  I am also an avid learner, if that is a thing!  I love to learn.  Even if you are not avid about something this very minute, there must be something you were avid about at one time.  Surely you have not lost the desire.  Strike it up once again.  Enjoy.  Be avid.

Photo courtesy of CCO Public Domain


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