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The Underdog Holiday


Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Yet it is also the underdog.  Squashed between Halloween and Christmas it gets so little time of its own.  The day after Halloween I hear Christmas songs start on the radio and see Christmas decorations for sale in the store.  Poor Thanksgiving, when does it get its turn to just be?   Well I root for the underdog and let it be Thanksgiving, refusing to acknowledge any Christmas fluff until the day after I’ve had my Thankful feast.  It’s important for us all to stop and reflect upon all that we have to be grateful for, and to spend that quality time with family without the stress of shopping and gifts.  Happy Thanksgiving to all, and let the Christmas festivities now begin!

Photo courtesy of John Harder via GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY 2.5


Friendship on My Mind

A friendship gone awry

I was too upset to cry

My heart aches more with each passing day

I wish to reach out and tell her nice things

I fear her reaction, she’d say go away

No need to reconnect, just reach out

Thank her for  the good times

So many there were without a doubt

A space in my heart there will always be

I wonder, does she have a space for me?

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Fall Rushes In


All of a sudden

Colors turned, leaves dropped

Atmospheric changes happened

Where did Indian summer go?

Fall rushed in with a brisk atmospheric gust

My favorite season is here

Crunchy leaves, turkey and pies

The smell and feel of Fall and all it brings

Family, good food, good times, and good things.


Photos courtesy of CC0 and CC0 Public Domain


Getting Dressed…Future Style

IBMC #07 The News and Paper Challenge

Article  from CNN Tech November 13, 2017 : The future of getting dressed: AI, VR and smart fabrics  

This article really has me thinking.  I know these featured tech innovations will all be fully implemented one day, and not too far in the future.

The article discusses how artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and smart fabrics are being used in various ways to aid consumers in either selecting an outfit, or shopping without going to a store, or perhaps sharing songs or game stats via fabric.  Such futuristic ideas, mind-boggling at the least.

Personally, I love the idea of A.I. being able to help me decide which outfit to wear when deciding between two outfits.  Granted, the technology isn’t quite at the human level yet in knowing about the dress code of where I am headed, but as far as what matches or looks good together, I can always use help.  How often have you wanted an opinion on what to wear, but no one was around?  What a great use of technology this would be, especially for those of us like me who are fashion challenged.

As far as VR allowing us to shop without going to a store, well that may be convenient but that scares the heck out of me.  How lazy are we going to get?  That is just another step toward us never ever having to leave our house.  Scary, right?  Yes.  I do think it would be helpful to have the ability to picture the furniture in your house, colors and fit etc.  But as far as really seeing the furniture and touching it and buying it, we still have to GO go the store.  We can’t be THAT lazy and tech dependent.  I have this great fear we will end up like that movie Wally where at the end all the people float around on these moving hover crafts and never ever have to get up.  In fact they lose the ability to even walk.  Ok, that is a tad drastic yes, but is that where we are heading with all this technology?  Technology is wonderful in so many ways, but at the same time, we can go a bit too far with it.  Just because we have the ability to come up with new technology doesn’t mean we should use it to replace all of our functions.

There, that is my soap box for the day!  I do recommend you read the article however!

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IBMC #07

A Tortured Soul I Once Did See

I once came across a tortured soul

She lived her life in pain

It seeped into everything she did

I tried to set her free, yet she  scoffed at me

So wrapped up in pretense, making it all look so right

But inside there was dark, like the black of night

Imperfection is okay, I tried to say

Don’t look at others and try to repair,

Turn to the mirror and fix things there.

We all have some pain that we must face

I can only hope she will with courage and grace.

Photo courtesy of CC0 License Pexels

Black is …Up or Down


Black is the void I once felt

Black is the color of my despair

Black is the sound in my head when I’m down

Black is the vortex in which I was stuck for three years

Black is the blah from which I could not arise

Black can be beautiful, absolutely

Black can be the calm

Black can be deep and rich

Black can be bold

Black can be solid

Yet black can be horrible at the same time

It all depends on which end you are on, the up or down

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Someone to Take

IBMC #06 The Mass Media Challenge

Through this window I see a world where I am free.  In my dreams I fly through it, in search of skin, color no matter.  Human contact I crave.  In the sky I shall be, whether brighter or darker, I tell no one my goal.  I shall find and take someone, shhhhh!  A companion I need.  No more lonesomeness for me, just company for free.  The fun we shall have.  Laughter and play, every night and each day.  I wander the skies just searching for the one.  I see her, I stop and hope she will come.  Then suddenly this ring, ring, ring.  A telephone….shatters the quiet.  She picks it up.  I call out to stop her, then she screams like she has seen a ghost.  I realize then who is the ghost, me.   I will be taking no one today.  Back through my window I go.  Perhaps on another day, I will find another window, and another someone for me.



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So Many Questions

IBMC #05 The Not So Quite Quote Challenge

The mind wanders at times.  Through not effort of our own, our thoughts, they do what we don’t ask for.  They come and go to and from places we would rather not be.  Places we have been, and don’t want to return to.  Places we want to be, and can’t quite get to yet.  At times we pretend to think on one, and actually think on everything else.  We just have so much floating in our head.  Questions float about all the while as well.  Ones we can’t answer.  So many, how to answer?  Which to answer? Can we answer? Then suddenly before your mind blows, you realize you need not answer all the questions, you can just laugh and laugh again.  Crazy am I going?  I am confused at times, should I sound? Should I echo?  Who will answer me back?  Only me.  Is that all we have?  Ourselves to answer?  I knew it, that I don’t know.

IBMC #05

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Waiting for the Sun to Set

IBMC #04

Hunt a Haiku Challenge

Haiku 02
the sun will set slow
people go home for shelter
sun will rise again

   People work hard every day.  Some slog through their jobs, as others joyfully romp through their tasks.  Hours pass.  Chores come and go.  Deadlines are met.  Eventually the sun begins to set.  The sun will set slow.  

    The people go home for shelter.  Away from the hustle and bustle of their busy day.  No more pressure of the job, demands from the boss or work stress.  Just change the clothes, wash up, eat a good meal, and relax.  Time to unwind.  That’s what I long to do at the end of my work day.  Eventually late night arrives, and it’s time for bed.  The people climb in, knowing  well that the sun will rise again.  This is a good thing, for it means they are among the living.  Yet at the same time, it means another day of marching through work and the challenges that presents.  We go round and round, waiting yet again for that sun to set slow.


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