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Be Sunny


Sunny can be one’s disposition, or the weather

It could refer to one’s attitude or vocabulary

The word can evoke happy thoughts

Sunny reminds me of the color yellow

Part of the rainbow; cheery and bright

A state of being I wish we could stay in day and night

Photo  by Alexander Borrmann courtesy of CC BY-ND 2.0



Laying Low-cal


Summer is here, which means vacation for some.  Big plans? Small plans? No Plans? Try staying local.  We tend to overlook what is right in front of us.  It is so close, we don’t notice. Because we live here, we take for granted all that there is to do in our own town, or in the local vicinity.  Stop and think, look around, investigate.  You will be pleasantly surprised at all there is to do.  Imagine that a relative is coming to visit and wants to see your town, experience it, tour it, do things.  Plan for their activities and tours, find sights to see, things to do.  Investigate.  You will be amazed at all the things there are to do in you local vicinity.  Be a tourist yourself.   For example; bike paths, historic homes, quaint shops, art galleries, hikes, evening shows at local theaters, dinners on the waterfront, get tickets to a local sporting event, horseback riding, visit a light-house.  Have a BBQ in a park or on the beach.  Go mini-golfing, try bowling.  Lots to find wherever you are.  You just have to be willing to look local and plan.  So instead of stressing over where to go or what to do on your summer vacation, lay low, stay local; lay low-cal.  Enjoy!


I’m Back

So it’s been a long time.  I got caught up in year-end stuff.  I am glad to have made it through it all.  There were some stressful moments with little down time, so I had to keep moving along.  I am a teacher, which means craziness once May and June hit, especially when there is a culminating exam at the end of the year.  We have Regents exams where I live.  There is a buzz in the air at the end, an excitement, some last-minute panic for a few, the thrill of feeling ready for many.  As the teacher I always have high hopes for my kids.  They pulled through and fared well, despite a tough year-end exam.  

Anyway, we got through it all.  Tests, grading, paperwork, retirement parties, meetings, professional development.  All good stuff.  No complaints.   Though once the last day came, and I had no more obligations to take care of, I felt such relief.  It was like I could finally breathe again and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Perhaps like a tax accountant after April 17.   

Now time for a break, vacation.  We get to unwind a bit before getting into the busy time of summer. Baseball games, trips to the beach, going to the pool, time spent with friends, bike rides, BBQ-ing, or just reading a book.

I hope this finds all of you getting a bit of a break too.  We all need that chance to unwind and re-group.  It is vital to our mental and physical well-being.  Take good care of you and let yourself take some time all to yourself.   

Glad to be back to my blog.  I’ve missed being here.   See you at my next post!

50 Posts…

With this post I shall now have written 50 posts in just over 5 months, and I’m 50.  Being a numbers person,  I think that’s kind of neat.   I am happy with that.  I am excited to get to 50.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because it is half of 100, and 100 seems like a nice big number to achieve.  Or maybe achieving 50 is just a nice even benchmark to reach.  In any case, I have been enjoying writing this blog and coming across other writers’ works, meeting other bloggers via blogging, and learning new things.  

All this blogging and checking up on my views and likes and seeing comments, and checking in on the blogs I follow makes me feel like I have an extended family of sorts.  I have  come to look forward to their next post, or hope that they read mine and like it too.  I notice those who are having a tough time and encourage them along, then check back and hope they are in better shape.  I get to share in someone else’s joy.  I get to be cheered up by reading something light and happy.  There is a whole other world out there, and I am part of making that world happen and it feels great. 

Thanks for being here for part of my first 50 blogs.  I hope you have found something you liked and maybe you might one day start a blog too.  Here’s to the next 50…

Photo from Pexels courtesy of CCO License

Life is Too Short

Controversy  -Daily Prompt

Life is short

Make every day count

Every word ring true

Evey action have purpose

Do for others any time you can

Be selfless, your day will come

For it is in doing for others that we really

Find happiness

Steer clear of strife

Don’t argue and fight

Take care to love others

Life is short

So make it count

Photo by Sri Chinmoy courtesy of CCBY-SA 2.0


When Your Dog Does the Walking

I have a pup, two years young.  We rescued her at a little over 1-year-old.  If you’ve ever had a pup, you know they have lots of energy.  She is a terrier-hound mix and is quite strong;  mushy and loveable, but strong.

Since the day we got her, walking had been an issue.  She would walk us, not the other way around.  The pulling and tugging that ensued was exhausting just to get a short walk in.  I would come home exhausted and with a sore arm.  It was no fun.  We tried a trainer.  The dog was perfect for the trainer, who was of course experienced.  When I tried and tried and practiced, I could never get her to walk well on the lead.  Something had to be done.

We decided to try a  harness.  What a difference that made, no more pulling.  I can now walk her with little to no pulling.  I am walking her, not the other way around.  A harness is not expensive, and it is easy to get on the dog.  She doesn’t mind it either, it doesn’t hurt her in any way.  Once in a while I forget to put it on, and I realize it when she pulls me the whole time.  I try to never forget because our walks are much more enjoyable with that harness.

If you have an energetic dog that walks you, maybe invest the few bucks for a harness.  It could spare you that shoulder pain!  Good luck.

Radiating Thanks


Memorial Day, radiates memories of times past, lives lost

Thanking Veterans here now, praying for those gone

Freedom is not free, the thought radiates from everyone’s mind

Stop and thank a Vet today. Smile more, and be kind

The American Flag flies high, radiating strength

Underdogs we are not, victors we are

Not just hot dogs, parades, and flags, but people

And families, and memories, of heartbreak and sadness many years ago

Thank you to our Veterans, and their families, for all you gave up

To give us our freedom.

Let’s radiate our love, and and our thanks, to them today.

Photo of Staff Sgt Sean Bailey courtesy of National Museum of US Air Force via CC

Sun and Warmth…Infused


Today Mother Nature decided to infuse a bit of sun and warmer temps for a stint.  How lovely it was this morning to wake up leisurely, make a delightful breakfast of an egg white omelet with spinach and cheese, then eat it on the deck in the warm sun.   I sat  with my breakfast and coffee, finishing a really good book,  The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty.  I highly suggest that read BTW.  My sister recommended it to me, though I was a bit hesitant due to the nature of its title, which she assured me it had nothing to do with what I thought.  Well I trusted her, she was right, and I am thrilled because it was such a good book.    Anyway, I was grateful for the infusion of sunshine after so many days of cool rain.  I do hope that Mother Nature decides to continue to not only infuse sun and warmth, but make them the norm.  We eagerly await their arrival.  


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons CC0

Freedom…On Wheels

 So today I went for a 6 mile bike ride; to the library and back.  I went to return some books.  I could have driven, but I wanted to take my first real ride on my “new” old bike.  I am just starting to ride my bike again after many years.  This bike was given to me by my husband 24 years ago, the first bike ever that I could call my own.  It was a mountain bike, because he thought it would be fun to ride in the woods.  It was, though challenging at times.  I did happen to hit a huge bump and fly over the handle bars landing on the ground and getting all cut up on my first ride out.  Don’t worry, I got up, dusted off, got back on the bike, and rode home proudly with a story to tell!

  Anyway,  a friend of mine suggested I sign up for a 25 mile bike tour coming up in two months.  I liked the idea and signed up that night.  Yes, I get impulsive at times, but this sounded like a fun challenge.  I am very goal oriented and this was just what I needed to get into shape and to be active.  I had my dusty old bike tuned up,  had the tires replaced with thin street tires, got new handles on the handle bars, a new bag for under my seat, and a side view mirror.  I highly recommend getting one of those BTW.  It is indispensible if you ride on the streets.  I now have this new hobby just in time for spring, allowing for me to ride outside.  

  While riding I felt free,  exhilarated, happy, and I knew I was getting great exercise.    This activity can be done alone or with friends.  You can meander along or bike with a purpose,  bike for fun or to get in shape and keep your heart healthy.  It’s a win-win.  Freedom on wheels…hop on, don your helmet, and  go.  You just might like it.  

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