So I had planned to move my blog to a new domain.  I wanted to be able to make my blog more interesting looking – have more features available to me.  Someone I know suggested moving my blog to my own domain and have it hosted via another web hosting service to do these things.  Well…two weeks and many phone calls later…the data was partially transferred from my current blog to my new domain.  Now I have no idea how to get into the back-end of it and edit it.  I have been trying on my own to figure it out, with no luck.  This has been a very frustrating experience.  Add to that the fact that the original blog did not migrate fully correctly.  Grrrr…. Technology carries with it such a huge learning curve, and not having someone at my disposal 24/7 to ask questions and help me makes it frustrating.  This business of learning all this technology on my own is tedious to say the least.  I am eager to do bigger and better things and to learn, I just wish it was not so frustrating in the process.  I am tempted to abandon ship, beg for my money back, and just stay with this simple blog I have worked on for over a year.  Sometimes less is more, isn’t that right?

Until next time….

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