Winston, sweet ten-year old mixed breed dog, was returned to the foster based animal rescue group that adopted him out three years ago.  His adopted family just didn’t want him anymore, for reasons I wouldn’t consider reasons at all.  How could you just drop off your dog and walk away?  I sure couldn’t.  All Winston could do afterwards was look at the door, pull towards the door, watch everyone who entered the door, hoping his ruthless owners would return.  He looked so hopeful, as loyal loving dogs are.  Dogs become family members, loving you unconditionally.  They just want to please and be loved.  This dog was clearly not loved.  He was overweight, his nails had not been clipped in ages, he needed a good brushing and probably hadn’t had a bathed in a while either .  It was clear he was not walked much if at all.  He will be better taken care of now that he is back with LCAR, Last Chance Animal Rescue, an amazing foster based rescue group.  That is the group I got Trixie from.  They already have a loving foster for him until the right person comes along to take him home and love him for real.

In the meantime, my heart breaks for Winston for being left by the family he has known for the last three years.  Yet at the same time, I am thinking it wasn’t meant to be and he is now heading to a better home.  I have faith that good things are in store for Winston.

Thank you LCAR for the great work you do for so many loving dogs and cats.

Until next time…