What a treat it is when I take my girl to town for a walk.  She absolutely loves the car, and loves to go out for walks.  She is an adventurer.  Today after work I decided that since we had both been indoors all day, I would take her out for one of our long walks in town.  She is used to this routine and in fact knows the route we take on the walk.  She is a very smart dog.  So I dressed us both warmly, yes she has a coat as you can see in the picture, and off we went.  She senses when we get close and cries in anticipation.   I love seeing how happy something so simple as a walk can make her.   We met up with a few other dogs and she behaved herself, after I warned her to of course.  I think they all liked her pink coat.  She knew where the dog store was and remembered that she gets a treat there.  She sat and waited for the treat which they leave outside for dogs passing by.  We live in a great town.  I took some nice pictures of the bay in its partially frozen state. How cool that was to see.  I am so lucky to live here.  The view in itself is a treat to see on any day any time of year.  Well, just heard we have no school for tomorrow, one more treat for the day.  Looks like my girl has more fun in store tomorrow playing in the snow.

Until next time… I hope you find a treat in your day too.