So today as I walked my dog, she saw a moth on the ground.  She pounced to where it was, sniffing profusely all around to find it.  Suddenly the moth flew up and over to a new spot on the ground.  Trixie followed, lunging and putting her nose to the ground.  This pattern continued once again.   I kept wondering how the moth was getting away.  Trixie is fast and was right on that moth.  Well I found out how the third time. The moth did not move.  It just stayed put, but was camouflaged, and that was the trick.  Nature at its best.  The dog could not at all smell or see that moth right under her nose.  I saw the moth right there blending in with the asphalt, but the dog could not!  What magic, what beauty, what a plan God has for all creatures to survive.  Amazing.

Photo by Doug Waldron courtesy of CC