Just last night we were at a back yard part of a friend of ours.  He went through a not so pleasant divorce, initiated by his wife of many years.  He was rocked by the experience, but never let it knock him down.  We are actually friends with both the husband and now ex-wife.  That is do-able, though sad.  However, I am glad to see that each has moved on to be happy in their new lives, especially him.  This was not his choice.  He was blindsided so to speak.  Now I know that there are three sides to every story: his, hers, and what really took place.  I can’t guess as to what happened, it’s not really my business. I can just be there for my friends in whatever capacity they need me.

Last night he said something that really amazed me and left me with a great feeling.  He had just moved into his new house two weeks ago, and threw this lovely party in his beautiful back yard for his family and close friends.  My husband and I felt honored to be included.  He was beaming.  He has gotten himself to a great place after all he has been through the last few years.  I know it has been difficult, for both of them.  As we were talking, he said to me, ” Some people are the glass is half empty type, others are the glass is half full.”  To which I said. ” that’s me, the glass is half full.”  I consider myself to be a pretty positive person.  But, he then said with such pure joy, “not me, I am just happy to have a glass to hold, some people don’t even appreciate that.”  He was so positive.  He was grateful to be surrounded by his family and friends. He gets what really matters in life.  He knows to not complain about what he doesn’t have, but rather to look at whatever he DOES have and be grateful.  What a wonderful outlook to have on life.  Seeing someone be so positive really felt good.

What a fine place the world could be if only more of us would just appreciate having a glass and not worry about what is or isn’t in it.

Image by Denkhenk courtesy of CC 3.0