Going to the beach, packing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Playing in a park, swinging on the swings

Running through a sprinkler, our way of staying cool

Hearing the Good Humor Man coming down the street

Emptying our piggy banks of all our change to buy a cold treat

Jumping rope in the street, riding bikes all around town

These were our traditions

Now we pack watermelon and grapes for the beach

We drive to Yogurt Crazy and serve ourselves

We swim in someone’s pool to stay cool

No one rides their bike in town

There is no jumping rope in the street

Kids can be seen inside, not out

Playing together, virtually, via Xbox

Or alone on a phone

Time changes traditions, for better or for worse.

I wonder what traditions will be when my kids grow up?

Photo by Austin Kirk via CC BY 2.0