A quill, long ago, was a tool to write with; record facts, log  your thoughts, or send letters with.   How times have changed.  I do wonder what it would have been like to live way back then.  Romantic it seems, imagining those days through  rose-colored glasses.   Hard though.  Work from dawn to dusk, wearing heavy clothes, many layers.  Having none of our modern-day conveniences. The letters we would compose by quill would take days, weeks, to get to someone, unlike the instantaneous texts we send now.   Ink would get messy, especially for those left-handed.  Writing would be laborious by quill; dip in ink, then scratch the paper with the quill to form words.  

Ahhh, but in some ways wasn’t life simpler then? Didn’t people spend more time with each other and not with things? Talk more, laugh together more.  Enjoy the simple things in life, not needing so much entertainment.  Less problems without the selfish, often hurtful, instant remarks made behind the screen of a phone or computer. Yes, there are days I wish we could all spend a week in that time, writing our thoughts with a quill pen and not a keyboard.  Speaking in person, and not via text.  Spending time with one-another, and not with a screen.  Quill, brings up thoughts of a simpler time. 


Photo courtesy of Rodgerspix via CCBY 2.0