Summer is here, which means vacation for some.  Big plans? Small plans? No Plans? Try staying local.  We tend to overlook what is right in front of us.  It is so close, we don’t notice. Because we live here, we take for granted all that there is to do in our own town, or in the local vicinity.  Stop and think, look around, investigate.  You will be pleasantly surprised at all there is to do.  Imagine that a relative is coming to visit and wants to see your town, experience it, tour it, do things.  Plan for their activities and tours, find sights to see, things to do.  Investigate.  You will be amazed at all the things there are to do in you local vicinity.  Be a tourist yourself.   For example; bike paths, historic homes, quaint shops, art galleries, hikes, evening shows at local theaters, dinners on the waterfront, get tickets to a local sporting event, horseback riding, visit a light-house.  Have a BBQ in a park or on the beach.  Go mini-golfing, try bowling.  Lots to find wherever you are.  You just have to be willing to look local and plan.  So instead of stressing over where to go or what to do on your summer vacation, lay low, stay local; lay low-cal.  Enjoy!