So it’s been a long time.  I got caught up in year-end stuff.  I am glad to have made it through it all.  There were some stressful moments with little down time, so I had to keep moving along.  I am a teacher, which means craziness once May and June hit, especially when there is a culminating exam at the end of the year.  We have Regents exams where I live.  There is a buzz in the air at the end, an excitement, some last-minute panic for a few, the thrill of feeling ready for many.  As the teacher I always have high hopes for my kids.  They pulled through and fared well, despite a tough year-end exam.  

Anyway, we got through it all.  Tests, grading, paperwork, retirement parties, meetings, professional development.  All good stuff.  No complaints.   Though once the last day came, and I had no more obligations to take care of, I felt such relief.  It was like I could finally breathe again and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Perhaps like a tax accountant after April 17.   

Now time for a break, vacation.  We get to unwind a bit before getting into the busy time of summer. Baseball games, trips to the beach, going to the pool, time spent with friends, bike rides, BBQ-ing, or just reading a book.

I hope this finds all of you getting a bit of a break too.  We all need that chance to unwind and re-group.  It is vital to our mental and physical well-being.  Take good care of you and let yourself take some time all to yourself.   

Glad to be back to my blog.  I’ve missed being here.   See you at my next post!