I have a pup, two years young.  We rescued her at a little over 1-year-old.  If you’ve ever had a pup, you know they have lots of energy.  She is a terrier-hound mix and is quite strong;  mushy and loveable, but strong.

Since the day we got her, walking had been an issue.  She would walk us, not the other way around.  The pulling and tugging that ensued was exhausting just to get a short walk in.  I would come home exhausted and with a sore arm.  It was no fun.  We tried a trainer.  The dog was perfect for the trainer, who was of course experienced.  When I tried and tried and practiced, I could never get her to walk well on the lead.  Something had to be done.

We decided to try a  harness.  What a difference that made, no more pulling.  I can now walk her with little to no pulling.  I am walking her, not the other way around.  A harness is not expensive, and it is easy to get on the dog.  She doesn’t mind it either, it doesn’t hurt her in any way.  Once in a while I forget to put it on, and I realize it when she pulls me the whole time.  I try to never forget because our walks are much more enjoyable with that harness.

If you have an energetic dog that walks you, maybe invest the few bucks for a harness.  It could spare you that shoulder pain!  Good luck.