With this post I shall now have written 50 posts in just over 5 months, and I’m 50.  Being a numbers person,  I think that’s kind of neat.   I am happy with that.  I am excited to get to 50.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because it is half of 100, and 100 seems like a nice big number to achieve.  Or maybe achieving 50 is just a nice even benchmark to reach.  In any case, I have been enjoying writing this blog and coming across other writers’ works, meeting other bloggers via blogging, and learning new things.  

All this blogging and checking up on my views and likes and seeing comments, and checking in on the blogs I follow makes me feel like I have an extended family of sorts.  I have  come to look forward to their next post, or hope that they read mine and like it too.  I notice those who are having a tough time and encourage them along, then check back and hope they are in better shape.  I get to share in someone else’s joy.  I get to be cheered up by reading something light and happy.  There is a whole other world out there, and I am part of making that world happen and it feels great. 

Thanks for being here for part of my first 50 blogs.  I hope you have found something you liked and maybe you might one day start a blog too.  Here’s to the next 50…

Photo from Pexels courtesy of CCO License