So today I went for a 6 mile bike ride; to the library and back.  I went to return some books.  I could have driven, but I wanted to take my first real ride on my “new” old bike.  I am just starting to ride my bike again after many years.  This bike was given to me by my husband 24 years ago, the first bike ever that I could call my own.  It was a mountain bike, because he thought it would be fun to ride in the woods.  It was, though challenging at times.  I did happen to hit a huge bump and fly over the handle bars landing on the ground and getting all cut up on my first ride out.  Don’t worry, I got up, dusted off, got back on the bike, and rode home proudly with a story to tell!

  Anyway,  a friend of mine suggested I sign up for a 25 mile bike tour coming up in two months.  I liked the idea and signed up that night.  Yes, I get impulsive at times, but this sounded like a fun challenge.  I am very goal oriented and this was just what I needed to get into shape and to be active.  I had my dusty old bike tuned up,  had the tires replaced with thin street tires, got new handles on the handle bars, a new bag for under my seat, and a side view mirror.  I highly recommend getting one of those BTW.  It is indispensible if you ride on the streets.  I now have this new hobby just in time for spring, allowing for me to ride outside.  

  While riding I felt free,  exhilarated, happy, and I knew I was getting great exercise.    This activity can be done alone or with friends.  You can meander along or bike with a purpose,  bike for fun or to get in shape and keep your heart healthy.  It’s a win-win.  Freedom on wheels…hop on, don your helmet, and  go.  You just might like it.