Today was our  maiden voyage on Knota Yachta for this year.  The skies were sunny, the wind was blowing, and moods were light.  All things were aligned for Knota Yachta to be unmoored.  So we boarded her, unmoored her, and motored on our way.

I love this first outing of the season.  It makes me feel hopeful; I know summer is just a few yards away and we are almost at that finish line.  Soon we can unmoor the boat more often, drive away, let go of our worries and cares temporarily, releasing them into the wind.  The sun will warm our faces, water splash up from time to time, and laughter will be shared with good friends and family.  Those boat rides make me feel young, free, and happy.  There is nothing like being outside, on the boat,  enjoying the fresh air and the open water.

Being unmoored, great way to start the summer season!