Today was a great day, harmonious you might say. We both got along, doing our weekend things, partially together, partially apart. Getting things done, caring for the kids, settling our own needs. Cordial we were, in fact, we got along like friends do. That felt good. I felt happy all day. I went with the flow, enjoyed the good that was there. We even went out with another couple tonight, my idea. We had dinner and went bowling. We had a great night. Light conversation, laughter, fun bowling. It was really nice to get out and laugh and enjoy myself. I must say it definitely is better to go out with people than to stay in and isolate myself. The only hard part is making myself go out. Making those plans ahead was key. Being proactive, panning ahead. That is how to do it. I was tempted to call it off in the afternoon because I felt tired and antisocial, but I knew that would be letting others down, so I kept the plans. How glad I am that I did!
   So get yourself up and out, make plans, force yourself to stand up, have that confidence to look forward and not back.   If I can do it, so can you.  Life can sometimes be harmonious.

Picture courtesy of Scott Schiller       CC License