I am so pleased with something I did this week, and am continuing to do.  A few months ago, during a Twitter chat, I became interested in learning how to knit.  I then set a goal for myself to learn.  Now, my kids thought that was funny considering I’m not sitting in a rocker on a porch.  That is all they envision of their mom knitting.

  This past weekend, a mother at my son’s baseball game was rapidly knitting while watching the game.  I was in awe.  She was so talented.  It was fascinating to watch her work those needles and create what was going to be a baby blanket.  I struck up a conversation, and we chatted.  Watching her  inspired me to get going on my knitting goal.  So later that day, I went to the store and got what I needed to knit a scarf, which is the basic starter knitting project it seems.

  Thanks to YouTube, I am now a beginner.  I got started, and of course there were a few starts and re-starts.  But now, as you can see from my picture above, I have made some progress.  I find knitting to be very relaxing.  Though I have not yet finished anything, and I have no idea how complex that will be, but will be ready for that challenge when it comes. 

  You can be just as pleased with yourself too.  Just get out and take that first step.  Buy the yarn, jog your first mile, write your first blog,  start writing that book…go for it.  Life is short, enjoy.