Sadly,  I teeter on the edge

Right there, at the cusp of despair

About to fall


Have fallen

Down the cusp I slide

At the bottom I lay

Lying for weeks, no hope in sight

Struggle each day, tormented each night

Weakened I am, too tired to fight

Crying for help, but no one can hear

No one can see, or tell

The only see what they want, they can’t see beyond

My world is void, my feelings dull, my eyes a pool

I go through to motions, stumbling along, mistakes more often

This can’t continue

I’m frightened of what I have become

Where am I going, where does this end

Is there hope?  Is there another cusp ahead? 

Could it be?  Someone show me the way

Take my hand and pull me up

I am ready…from despair to …..


Picture courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski  CC