Immerse – (a Daily Prompt)

 140541467_e9bac48057_mThese days with so much technology at our fingertips, personal connections are lost.  How often do you really listen to someone you are with?  As they are speaking to you are you actively listening?  Do you look them in the eye and nod at appropriate times?  Or are you looking at your phone, typing, and simply nodding your head and saying “uh huh” ?  

When you go out to dinner with a group of friends, do you get distracted by your phone yet again?  Do you find yourself drifting away from the conversation to check the latest text?  How sad this all is.  We don’t really connect with each other anymore, I’m guilty of this at times too.  We are addicted, like it or not.  Instead of  involving ourselves in our conversations, keeping connections strong and maintaining relationships, we prefer to be in the cyber world.  We would rather connect with those who are not presently with us, who are not actually here but are physically somewhere else, than with those who are right in front of us.

  Immerse – means to involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest.  We all need to immerse ourselves into the here and now, into the people who are in front of us, not the screens we hold in our hands.  You are able to immerse yourself into projects at work, or favorite hobbies, so why not show you care by immersing yourself into those present before you?  

Try it, before it’s too late, and they are really gone.  

*Photo courtesy of via CC