This was my slope-side lunch view in Austria last week.  We were skiing at Kitzbuhel Mountain, which is actually a series of incredible peaks.  Majestic is how I would describe IMG_2997these peaks; peaceful, breathtaking, serene.  My son, my husband, and I went on a week-long trip to Austria and Germany with two other families.  We skied for 4 days and went sight-seeing and traveled for the others.  It was  a grand trip, and less costly than skiing out west, believe it or not.  I didn’t believe my husband when he told me it would be less expensive, but everything was less.  The food, drinks, air fare, lift tickets, car rental, you name it.  All of it was reasonable.  All three of us got to ski for under $100 each day.  Rarely can you  buy an adult lift ticket here in the states for $100.   We got to see so many places and things.

We also learned a lot while there.  For instance, don’t rent a stick shift.  Those cars are never well treated by the previous driver. I’d like to spare you my experience.  I was sitting in a broken down car in the left turning lane of a 4 lane highway in a foreign country.  So, rent automatic always, never standard!

We learned that the Austrians are light years ahead of us here in being green.  The systems they have in place for recycling, reusing, and reducing waste and water use are well thought out and were used consistently where ever we went.   Oh, and when we were in Munich, the streets were so clean.  I was so impressed there as well.

All in all, the trip was great.  I highly recommend a visit there.