So we got a snow day, first one of the year.  By this time last year we had already used at least two.   This one was predicted, but honestly hard to believe.  Yesterday the temperature reached 60, and as of 2:00 this morning there was no snow.  All the schools had made the call to close yesterday, yes that’s right, yesterday.  Blizzard was coming they said!

Well when we got up this morning, or I got up (late!) there was at least 9 inches on the ground.  Surprise!    They were right.  I had some doubts since many years ago they called off school the day ahead because of a huge storm that was predicted, and the next day there was not a drop of snow!  Add to that the fact that the temperature was so high yesterday.

Mother Nature has certainly been thrown off her rocker, perhaps by global warning?  Who knows.  I am just grateful for the snow day, a chance to do a little straightening up, catch up on my shows, perhaps nap, hang with my family, and play with the dog.

Life is good.  Enjoy!

Photo by Brigid Victorson 2/9/17