Criticize  (a Daily Prompt)

Who is he to criticize me

Each time he does, I lose a piece of me

I shrink, losing my self esteem

Then I think It’s me that’s wrong

Not him that’s mean

So I accept the blame, and make the change

Try to do better, exactly how he wants

Though sadly my efforts are never in his range

So here comes it comes again

The criticism of everything I’ve done

Beaten down I am, I want to give up

I have no more to give, it’s clear he has won

God help me now, where do I go?

These emotional bruises no one can see

Too bad he doesn’t hit, for then others would know

Time to run, have to flee

Holding onto hope that the real me is still there

I’m going to find her, out there somewhere…


Photo by bravelittlebird  I just want to be happy  License