Privacy.  Such an important concept, now more than ever.  Consider all the various places where we have less privacy, or more chances to lose our privacy.  The internet has so many.  In today’s world we function primarily via technology; computers, internet, cell phone.   We rarely call someone we need to contact, we text them.  We don’t have to fly to visit someone, we can face time them.   Many of us use Facebook to keep tabs on what friends and family are up to, or Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In.  We have instant access to dinner reservations via Open Table.  Two day delivery of almost anything we need via Amazon, or shoes via Zappos.  Whatever you need it can be found on the internet.  No one needs to leave home actually. Wow – so they can be as private as they want or need in their own home, sounds good right?  NOT

All of those internet tools I mentioned above come with a price; lack of privacy.  Our information is out there, like it or not.  Oh they say they keep our information private, but do they really?  There are many hackers out there.  How many times have we heard of major stores or companies systems being hacked and all their customers’ credit cards were jeopardized?   Perhaps that affected you, or someone you knew.  It could be you next time.

Privacy.  As we advance in technology, we decrease our level of privacy.  Ever heard of drones?  Drones with cameras?  How about video cameras everywhere?  Residential homes, every store, businesses, schools.  Many for good reasons, but we are all being watched, everywhere,  all the time. There is little opportunity for privacy, unless in your own home. I supposed that is the price we must pay for safety?  When does one outweigh the other? Will the scale ever tip too much in one direction?  I fear so.    Privacy