So this past weekend I took to the slopes once again after 19 years.  Yes, 19 years, and it was invigorating.  I never thought I would ever go back, but I’ve been getting the itch over the last few years.  I’ve missed that fresh air feel and the crisp snowy smell at the top, as well as the glorious view.  The peace and quiet on the slopes, except for the swish of the skis and snow boards on the glistening snow, leaves me so calm.

Nineteen years ago, before I had my kids, my  husband and I were skiing at Whistler Blackcomb in Canada.  The conditions there were ripe for skiing; pure powder, unlike the icy slopes of mostly man-made snow back east.  I was an aggressive skier and we had my bindings set a bit too tight.  Sadly, on the second  day out my left ski caught an edge and went to the left as my body went to the right.  Down I went as my left leg twisted in an unnatural way.  OUCH.  I had torn my ACL, MCL.  I ended up having two surgeries and nine months of physical therapy.  From then on I was too fearful to ever get back on skis.  Then came kids…

My kids have always wanted me to go skiing with them.  My husband and kids ski often.   I usually stay home and relax here with the dog while they go and ski. This year my husband planned a trip to ski in Austria.  Of course I wanted to go to socialize and sight see, but not to ski.  However, I changed my mind after taking a virtual ski trip using a VR headset.  I went down some Australian slopes, virtually,  and it was beautiful and made me want to get back in the game.  I figured, what a perfect time – this is my chance.  What a way to start back.  So, before really jumping in with both feet, I tried skiing again this past weekend to test my legs out and all went so well.  I was so happy; it came right back to me. My kids were thrilled too that their Mom was able to ski with them, finally.

Now I just wish I had figured this out sooner.  I’ve missed so much time with my kids on the slopes.  I better get busy skiing, I have a lot to make up for!

So my advice to you is…don’t let your fear get in your way.  Get out there and DO.  Go go-go.  Don’t waste precious time.  Life is too short, and it’s never to late to start.