Cling, a word meaning hold on tightly to.  There are many uses for this word.  When clothes are taken out of the dryer and no dryer sheet was used, the socks may cling to the shirts, or towels, or blankets, or to other socks. They stick together and when pulled apart sparks tend to fly.

Cling can be referred to what we do with memories when someone we love has died.  We cling onto the many wonderful memories we have of this person.  We cling because these memories are all we have left.

Cling is useful to describe someone on the verge of depression.  That person has to cling to everyday activities to not get sucked into the black hole.  They have to find someone strong to cling to for help keeping afloat.

Cling is a sound, opposite clang.  When I was little, my siblings and I would run out onto the lawn at midnight of New Year’s Eve to cling pot lids together and bang on them with wooden spoons.  That is a memory I shall cling onto.

Cling is what people do in fear.  For instance, a child in the dark. He/she may cling onto their mom, dad, or friend, for support and reassurance.  Perhaps a loud thunderstorm will cause a young child to cling onto a loved one for safety.

Cling…something we all do at some point in our lives.