In my previous blog, I wrote about making a menu each week and using that to write the grocery list, then shop and be set for the week.  I mentioned that I had a few tips for the actual shopping trip, so here are my words of wisdom on grocery shopping.

There are a few things I have learned to do to make grocery shopping more pleasant, efficient, and quick.  One great option is Pea Pod, if that service is around you.  That can be a whole blog in itself, so I’ll leave that one alone for now.

Buy yourself a set of re-usable grocery bags, and keep some in your purse, or definitely leave them in the car.  This way you always have your own bag to rely on, and are doing a good thing to help save the environment.  I have found some great shopping bags that I re-use.  They are sturdy, colorful, and easy to carry around. (Baggu Bags)   My daughter also bought me a set of colorful bags that hang in the cart so I can load as I go.  (Trolley Bags)

My second tip is to make use of the self-check scanner.   What a time saver.  Set up your bags, scan your products as you go, put immediately into the bags,   and then check out is really fast.  They simply check the scanner, which has your card information on it (grocery card), then you pay, and go.  No extra lifting stuff onto the conveyor belt from the cart, then bagging at the register, then loading the  bags back into cart.  All of that usually takes place before you even putting all the bags into the car, and then bring them into your home.  So imagine the effort and time you save.   If you can use a shortcut, this is a good one.

Oh, and one more tip.  When making that grocery list out, write down the items you need in  order by aisle.  Maybe you already do this, but if not, it is a great time saver at the store.  I find that I am less likely to forget an item on my list when I arrange it carefully by aisle.  I also don’t stand in the middle of an aisle searching my list  for items I  need in that aisle!

Well I hope you try these tips, or at least one, and find your grocery shopping escapade more pleasant!