We are all capable of love.  Sometimes our heart gets crushed, and we feel afraid to love again.  Sometimes our heart wants to burst, we are so full of love for someone.  One thing is for certain, we never run out of the ability to love, or the amount of love we have to share.  Even during our worst times, we are capable of showing love for someone or something.  Love is limitless, endless, boundless…infinite.

Your heart, no matter what the circumstances, will never run out of love.  There are people to love, things to love, places to love, ideas to love.  We may sometimes run out of energy,  food, or patience, but we will never run out of love to give or feel.  How nice to know that the ability to love will never leave us?  There is always someone out there to love, or who loves us back.  When you feel like you have lost your ability to love,  or to be loved, just think back to a time when someone did something nice for you.  How did it make you feel?  You probably felt loved in some way.   That is a wonderful feeling inside and out, to know someone loves you.   We only need to give up some of our love to get some love back.  Luckily, we never run out of what we have to give.  So, therein lies the potential to always be loved.  Just give, and you will receive, and the more you do, the more  love will continue to grow in your heart.


The Daily Prompt Infinite