So I have a 2-year-old rescue, who is as sweet as a chocolate dipped strawberry.  She is energetic and eager to please.  We have never before quite mastered the art of getting her to walk on the leash without pulling.  She gets so excited to be out sniffing and socializing, that she just loses her head and tugs full force ahead.

We have tried rattling a chain, shaking a coin filled can, hiring a trainer.  She is great when the trainer is with her, but we were never able to do develop that dog-whisperer ability.  The chain isn’t loud enough and the can is annoying to carry around and constantly shake.  Walks were not so pleasant because of her constant pulling and the worry over her reaction to other dogs.   I began using a harness on her instead of a collar, and it’s like a miracle.  Instantly she is a changed pup.  No more pulling, not at all.  I have so much more control now when out on a walk.  The walks are stress free and finally really enjoyable.  She also seems more tame when we meet another dog.  I still keep the can in my pocket just in case she doesn’t get along with some dog we meet.  The two together are magic!  I can now walk her without fear of her not getting along with other dogs, or dreading the constant pulling.   She is such an amazing, sweet, cute, love-able dog.  I am thrilled to be able to take her out easily for others to meet!   We will both be getting more exercise now as well.  We live in an idyllic, seaside town with quaint storefronts and a beautiful park, a town dock, and two gazebos. Getting out there and soaking all that in is inspiring to say the least.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk, and the next day, and the next…