Tonight I read an article about technology trends to look for in 2017.  I came a across a few things which  I did not know.  For instance, IoT and B2B.  Do you know what these mean?  I didn’t, but I do now, thanks to Google.  I Google everything.  Just a few clicks away lie all the answers you could possibly need or want.  IoT stands for the Internet of Things, and B2B stands for Business to Business.

Think about it – Google is basically always at your fingertips.  Most of us have a smart phone with us at all times, or a computer right nearby.  No longer do we need to be stumped by that nagging question.  Whenever any question comes up, day or night, I just turn to Google.   Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Google.   It is especially comforting in those situations where you are in some sort of panic; your child suddenly develops a strange looking rash;  your Keurig coffee maker won’t work and says it’s time to descale (descale? I need coffee!);  your fish is barely breathing and you need to find out how to humanely (does that even apply to fish?) end it’s suffering.  (That last one is no joke – my daughter was so upset I had to google what to do for her fish, and there were plenty of responses to that very question!)

While reading other blogs, I came across one that was asking readers to submit any question they could come up with that Google could not answer.  At the moment, after a few minutes of trying, I can’t come up with a single one.  Maybe you can?  Check out this Stump Google post.

I’m curious to see if you are able to help Nicole with her quest!  Start thinking, and don’t stop asking.  Google is right there…