So it’s 2017.  For the next week or two I will accidentally write 2016, or ’16 on my papers, notes, smart board,  checks etc.   Maybe this happens to you as well.   I would guess it happens to many.  After all, we’ve been writing 2016 for the last 365 days.

Typical of early January is finding that your local gym is now crowded.  My husband pointed out this morning that his gym is now going to be full of all those people who have resolved to lose the holiday pounds, get fit and look better for 2017.  You know the type; the fair-weather fans who show up January 1 and stay for approximately three weeks, then fizzle out.  You may be one, I’ll admit I’m in that category at times too.  Who doesn’t want a fresh start?  The start of a new year is the perfect time to try again, start working on new goals, plan to stick to them and not give up.  I admire that in people.  For where are we if we don’t have goals?  We will always get somewhere with goals, even if we don’t reach the finish line, we have gotten farther than if we didn’t pass the starting line.  Our goals are what keep us moving forward.

I had to chuckle when my husband then went on to say that after that group thinned out at the gym, the next group invades.  The cruise ship/vacation crowd;  those who want to be bikini-ready for that February vacation.  Don’t we all?    I suppose then that there must be a spike in gym activity in the month or two before summer, for similar reasons.   Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the gym attendance statistics?

Perhaps you have your own resolutions for the new year ahead.  I like to pick something new to work toward myself.  I love a fresh start.  Let’s hope for success for all in 2017; reaching our goals, being healthy, happy, kind, and at peace with others.

Now to go for a long walk….you know….after all those holiday sweets!