So we woke up today to a few inches of snow.  I woke up really early, as I have not been sleeping well lately.  I decided to get up and make the most of the day.  Our pup, Trixie, is always eager to go out when the first person gets up, so I gladly suited up to take her out.  What was so exciting was that this was her first experience with snow really.  We rescued her and only got her in the spring, when she arrived from South Carolina as a pup.  She is not yet two, and all of an energetic ball of love.

She loved the snow, jumping everywhere, running like crazy in the yard.  We attempted to play fetch with a tennis ball, but lost the ball in the snow!  What a wonderful, uplifting way to start the day.  Being with this bundle of happy first thing is uplifting to say the least.  She kept wanting to go out all day!  My son took her out again later, and I did as well.  We were worried at first about her getting cold fast, as she doesn’t have a thick coat.  She didn’t seem to care!  We still may look for a sweater and booties – even if its just for us to feel better!

I hope you get to go outside and smell the freshness of a beautiful snowy day soon too. If you are extra lucky, maybe you have a friend, or a pup, or a child to take out with you to enjoy it with too.

Until next time…