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Traditions, Time, and Change


Going to the beach, packing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Playing in a park, swinging on the swings

Running through a sprinkler, our way of staying cool

Hearing the Good Humor Man coming down the street

Emptying our piggy banks of all our change to buy a cold treat

Jumping rope in the street, riding bikes all around town

These were our traditions

Now we pack watermelon and grapes for the beach

We drive to Yogurt Crazy and serve ourselves

We swim in someone’s pool to stay cool

No one rides their bike in town

There is no jumping rope in the street

Kids can be seen inside, not out

Playing together, virtually, via Xbox

Or alone on a phone

Time changes traditions, for better or for worse.

I wonder what traditions will be when my kids grow up?

Photo by Austin Kirk via CC BY 2.0

The Return of the Beast

The beast came back, though not for long

I stood my ground, feeling strong

Taller, tougher, and wiser I be

The roars no longer get to me

Taming the beast, still no easy sport

But with confidence, I kept the visit short

Put it back and close the latch

Then we moved on, without a scratch

Or did we….

Photo courtesy of CCO Public Domain

Quill – Back to Simpler Times


A quill, long ago, was a tool to write with; record facts, log  your thoughts, or send letters with.   How times have changed.  I do wonder what it would have been like to live way back then.  Romantic it seems, imagining those days through  rose-colored glasses.   Hard though.  Work from dawn to dusk, wearing heavy clothes, many layers.  Having none of our modern-day conveniences. The letters we would compose by quill would take days, weeks, to get to someone, unlike the instantaneous texts we send now.   Ink would get messy, especially for those left-handed.  Writing would be laborious by quill; dip in ink, then scratch the paper with the quill to form words.  

Ahhh, but in some ways wasn’t life simpler then? Didn’t people spend more time with each other and not with things? Talk more, laugh together more.  Enjoy the simple things in life, not needing so much entertainment.  Less problems without the selfish, often hurtful, instant remarks made behind the screen of a phone or computer. Yes, there are days I wish we could all spend a week in that time, writing our thoughts with a quill pen and not a keyboard.  Speaking in person, and not via text.  Spending time with one-another, and not with a screen.  Quill, brings up thoughts of a simpler time. 


Photo courtesy of Rodgerspix via CCBY 2.0

In The Driver’s Seat


To be the driver or the passenger

It’s good to take turns

A passenger I’ve mostly been

Now I am the driver, in control

At the wheel, making the decisions

Choosing where to go and when to turn

How fast or slow to go

And it feels great

No more passenger for me

At least for a little while…

Photo by Author

Friendship – Take Good Care

Friendship takes on different forms.  There are good friends, close friends, acquaintances, and perhaps the rare best friend.  We all need some form of friend in our life.  If you are lucky enough to come across that best friend once or twice in your life, cherish it, nurture it.  A true best friendship doesn’t always last.

A best friend is that person to whom you can tell anything, and you do.  You call them at any hour of the day or night.  You know they are there for you in an instant, and you for them.  You know each other’s quirks, and love each other anyway.  You look past insecurities and flaws.  You know what they will say before they say it.  You can finish their sentences.  You pick the other person up when life knocks them down.  You share in their joyful moments that come their way.

Be careful, however, to not take that person for granted.  Make sure they always feel special and loved.  Go out of your way to do for them.  Think of them before thinking of yourself, or the relationship may not last.  Some friends are more fragile than others, and we need to recognize that.  Friends should be treated with care, for they will not always be there.  I know that as a best friend we figure they will always be there, that you could never separate.  Though sadly sometimes, somehow, it happens, this best friendship doesn’t last.   So, cherish it, take good care of it.   Friendships so special don’t come around too often in our lives.

Photo courtesy of CCO Public Domain

Be Sunny


Sunny can be one’s disposition, or the weather

It could refer to one’s attitude or vocabulary

The word can evoke happy thoughts

Sunny reminds me of the color yellow

Part of the rainbow; cheery and bright

A state of being I wish we could stay in day and night

Photo  by Alexander Borrmann courtesy of CC BY-ND 2.0


Laying Low-cal


Summer is here, which means vacation for some.  Big plans? Small plans? No Plans? Try staying local.  We tend to overlook what is right in front of us.  It is so close, we don’t notice. Because we live here, we take for granted all that there is to do in our own town, or in the local vicinity.  Stop and think, look around, investigate.  You will be pleasantly surprised at all there is to do.  Imagine that a relative is coming to visit and wants to see your town, experience it, tour it, do things.  Plan for their activities and tours, find sights to see, things to do.  Investigate.  You will be amazed at all the things there are to do in you local vicinity.  Be a tourist yourself.   For example; bike paths, historic homes, quaint shops, art galleries, hikes, evening shows at local theaters, dinners on the waterfront, get tickets to a local sporting event, horseback riding, visit a light-house.  Have a BBQ in a park or on the beach.  Go mini-golfing, try bowling.  Lots to find wherever you are.  You just have to be willing to look local and plan.  So instead of stressing over where to go or what to do on your summer vacation, lay low, stay local; lay low-cal.  Enjoy!


I’m Back

So it’s been a long time.  I got caught up in year-end stuff.  I am glad to have made it through it all.  There were some stressful moments with little down time, so I had to keep moving along.  I am a teacher, which means craziness once May and June hit, especially when there is a culminating exam at the end of the year.  We have Regents exams where I live.  There is a buzz in the air at the end, an excitement, some last-minute panic for a few, the thrill of feeling ready for many.  As the teacher I always have high hopes for my kids.  They pulled through and fared well, despite a tough year-end exam.  

Anyway, we got through it all.  Tests, grading, paperwork, retirement parties, meetings, professional development.  All good stuff.  No complaints.   Though once the last day came, and I had no more obligations to take care of, I felt such relief.  It was like I could finally breathe again and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Perhaps like a tax accountant after April 17.   

Now time for a break, vacation.  We get to unwind a bit before getting into the busy time of summer. Baseball games, trips to the beach, going to the pool, time spent with friends, bike rides, BBQ-ing, or just reading a book.

I hope this finds all of you getting a bit of a break too.  We all need that chance to unwind and re-group.  It is vital to our mental and physical well-being.  Take good care of you and let yourself take some time all to yourself.   

Glad to be back to my blog.  I’ve missed being here.   See you at my next post!

50 Posts…

With this post I shall now have written 50 posts in just over 5 months, and I’m 50.  Being a numbers person,  I think that’s kind of neat.   I am happy with that.  I am excited to get to 50.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because it is half of 100, and 100 seems like a nice big number to achieve.  Or maybe achieving 50 is just a nice even benchmark to reach.  In any case, I have been enjoying writing this blog and coming across other writers’ works, meeting other bloggers via blogging, and learning new things.  

All this blogging and checking up on my views and likes and seeing comments, and checking in on the blogs I follow makes me feel like I have an extended family of sorts.  I have  come to look forward to their next post, or hope that they read mine and like it too.  I notice those who are having a tough time and encourage them along, then check back and hope they are in better shape.  I get to share in someone else’s joy.  I get to be cheered up by reading something light and happy.  There is a whole other world out there, and I am part of making that world happen and it feels great. 

Thanks for being here for part of my first 50 blogs.  I hope you have found something you liked and maybe you might one day start a blog too.  Here’s to the next 50…

Photo from Pexels courtesy of CCO License

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