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Thank You…Coffee

Mmmm…..that full body aroma first thing this morning.  What a greeting.  A great way to start each day; with a steaming hot cup of my Nespresso coffee.  Thank you coffee, for the wonderful wake up each day.  For the pleasant welcome each morning when I get to the kitchen.  There you await me.  The milk, ready to be steamed, the pods, ready to be placed into my Nespresso machine, the one spoonful of sugar ready for scooping.  All systems in place, ready, set….go.  Beautiful, delightful, tasty, wake-me-up, start-me-up, coffee.   You help me drag my body out of bed, and get my feet onto the floor.  I stumble out of those warm covers knowing what lies ahead.  Thank you coffee.

Until next time…

Photo by BVictorson


The Ocean Waves

The ocean waves

White and foamy

Rolling,  splashing

Cool and refreshing

Landing with a gentle boom

Swirling the sand around my feet

No better way to beat the heat

The ocean waves


Until next time…

Photo courtesy of BVictorson 2018


What a Parent Does for Love

Cute story here.  Just thought I’d share.  So my son over slept and was running late for work today.  My husband and I did our best to get him up for work, but being a tired 16-year-old, he wouldn’t budge.  He finally got moving, but was a few minutes late.  As I was driving him to work he asked me nicely to do him a BIG favor.  Of course being the sucker that I am, I said yes.  He will soon be off to college, so I cherish the chance to do for my son and make him happy.  Anyway, he works across the street from a Dunkin Donuts at a popular breakfast diner as a busboy.  He hadn’t had time to eat breakfast and wanted me to get him some donuts and leave them by the back door of the diner.  At first I balked because I was completely in my pajamas and slippers.  But then I figured teens go out in pajamas, so why can’t I if it’s for my son?  I parked in the lot, and sat there for a minute or two gathering up the courage.  I gotta tell you, it’s not easy as an adult to get out of the car and walk into someplace in pajamas.  There were people sitting and having coffee, and people on line.  I’m an adult – in my pajamas.  I was afraid of being judged.  Granted I had a sweater on top, but clearly my pants were colorful enough to be seen as pajamas and I had my slippers on.  But I did it.  I held my head high, walked in and quickly got my donuts and got out.  Phew.   It wasn’t too bad.  Well worth the thanks I got from my son.  He sent me a text immediately after he got the goods, and I am sure I’ll get a nice hug later.   There are probably some of you reading this who are appalled that I even did this, but at least now maybe you will think twice when you see someone out in their pajamas and realize they may just have a good reason for doing so!

Until next time…

No Easy Switch

So I had planned to move my blog to a new domain.  I wanted to be able to make my blog more interesting looking – have more features available to me.  Someone I know suggested moving my blog to my own domain and have it hosted via another web hosting service to do these things.  Well…two weeks and many phone calls later…the data was partially transferred from my current blog to my new domain.  Now I have no idea how to get into the back-end of it and edit it.  I have been trying on my own to figure it out, with no luck.  This has been a very frustrating experience.  Add to that the fact that the original blog did not migrate fully correctly.  Grrrr…. Technology carries with it such a huge learning curve, and not having someone at my disposal 24/7 to ask questions and help me makes it frustrating.  This business of learning all this technology on my own is tedious to say the least.  I am eager to do bigger and better things and to learn, I just wish it was not so frustrating in the process.  I am tempted to abandon ship, beg for my money back, and just stay with this simple blog I have worked on for over a year.  Sometimes less is more, isn’t that right?

Until next time….

Photo courtesty of Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported

I Stood Tall


They come and they go

Lately they’ve been scarce you know

But yesterday to my surprise

The old monster showed up

Yet now I’m stronger and wise

The monster was in the wrong

Though it didn’t stay long

I stood tall and fought

No backing down for me

Now peace is at hand

Once again I am free.

See me strong.

Photo courtesy of CC0





Heart Break For Winston

Winston, sweet ten-year old mixed breed dog, was returned to the foster based animal rescue group that adopted him out three years ago.  His adopted family just didn’t want him anymore, for reasons I wouldn’t consider reasons at all.  How could you just drop off your dog and walk away?  I sure couldn’t.  All Winston could do afterwards was look at the door, pull towards the door, watch everyone who entered the door, hoping his ruthless owners would return.  He looked so hopeful, as loyal loving dogs are.  Dogs become family members, loving you unconditionally.  They just want to please and be loved.  This dog was clearly not loved.  He was overweight, his nails had not been clipped in ages, he needed a good brushing and probably hadn’t had a bathed in a while either .  It was clear he was not walked much if at all.  He will be better taken care of now that he is back with LCAR, Last Chance Animal Rescue, an amazing foster based rescue group.  That is the group I got Trixie from.  They already have a loving foster for him until the right person comes along to take him home and love him for real.

In the meantime, my heart breaks for Winston for being left by the family he has known for the last three years.  Yet at the same time, I am thinking it wasn’t meant to be and he is now heading to a better home.  I have faith that good things are in store for Winston.

Thank you LCAR for the great work you do for so many loving dogs and cats.

Until next time…




ThoughtsBlog50 Moving…


Soon you will see

A new location for me

My posts they will funnel

My followers I hope too

Soon Thoughtsblog50 no more

And  seemestrong it will be

That is where you will  find me

So when you see a post by seemestrong, it’s me just the same

New location and domain

With same blogs and same name

Until then….


Photo “Hyperbolic Funnel” by Anthony Crider courtesy of CC-BY 2.0




Oh That Winsome Smile


She melts me with those eyes

Sucks me in with her winsome smile

Hook, line, and sinker

I’m all hers

She gets what she needs and so much more

Car rides, long walks, treats and toys galore

I get her slobbery kisses, her snuggles, her love,

and oh that melting winsome smile

who could ask for more?

Can’t Walk in a Cyclone Bomb


So a taking Trixie for a nice walk is not a viable option today.  Though as you can see from the photo, I certainly did try.  We are having a blizzard here, something they are calling a “cyclone bomb.”  That is a winter hurricane with intense winds, white out conditions and lots of snow.  They declared no school as of last night, and a the governor has issued a state of emergency.  This is the first time I have ever heard of a cyclone bomb.  These storms used to just be called blizzards.  Oh well.  Anyway, Trixie is a needy girl – she won’t do anything without us.  She won’t sit and relax unless we do, she won’t go out unless we do, she won’t eat unless we are in the room.  She would not go out in the storm until I got her on the leash and took her out. We didn’t get far, for the snow kept blinding her.  So back we came.  Going out later wasn’t so viable for her to go either.  I guess she has to be desperate to go, and I’ll just have to keep donning my snow pants, boots, hat, gloves, etc. and taking her out!

Until next time, stay safe…

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